1966 World Cup Stickers

These stickers were available during the 1966 World Cup when the competition was last held in the UK.  You might remember that we also won the cup that year!

I always thought they were issued with those little slabs of pink bubble gum (Anglo-American?) but have also heard they may have been issued in perforated strips by one of the national newspapers at the time.  Recently (Jun 06) I've had an e-mail saying they were issued in a set of 50 by A&BC.  Unfortunately they don't have any markings on them to verify their origin and I've never come across them in a catalogue.  If you have any information on where I can find some reference to them please e-mail me.
Anyway, below are 3 graphics which constitute all that I had (I sold them all in Dec 2000), some 41 of them, they may take a while to download as I've scanned them in at a good resolution but they're worth every second of the wait - enjoy!

Stickers1.JPG (199707 bytes)

Stickers2.JPG (190612 bytes)

Stickers3.JPG (173281 bytes)

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