Pics of Gollies from the 1996 Acrylic Set of 10


Robertson's reverted to the smaller sized brooches for this set and introduced some odd subjects - Cheerleader, Paperboy, Scarecrow - I mean what's that all about then? Answers on a postcard to Jimbo R. & Sons, etc, etc!

Close inspection of the backs of the badges will show there are 2 different backstamps for the sharp eyed collector to collect.  Lookout for "J Robertsons" and " J. Robertsons".  Other, more noticeable differences are:

The Eskimo: initially produced with a grey spear tip, later a production error gave him a brown tip (around Apr '99), and finally a black tip version appeared (quality control RIP!).  The Paperboy can be found delivering different coloured newspapers.  And, on the Viking, someone initially forgot to dab a spot of paint onto his shield boss (no, it hasn't been scrapped off by some scurrilous Golly character, but is the earlier version of the brooch).

Just goes to show, if you're a Golly nut you should always keep your eyes open! Beam me up Scotty!

Eskimo (Grey Spear Tip)
Eskimo (Brown Spear Tip)
Ice Hockey

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