The 2001 Historic Moments Set


This set of 10 Golly brooches made its appearance towards the end of March 2001.
Each brooch invokes a particular memory from each of the 10 decades of the 20th century, some important, some not so!  You decide which ones are 'not so'!

1903 - Wright Brothers' First Flight.
1912 - Total Eclipse of the Sun.
1922 - Discovery of Tutankharmun's Tomb.
1932 - Formation of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
1946 - First Casual Shirt.
1953 - Discovery of the Structure of DNA.
1969 - Woodstock Festival.
1970 - Spacehopper.
1981 - First London Marathon.
1993 - Abandonment of the Grand National after 2 False Starts.

I quite like the designs of these brooches but Casual Shirts & Spacehoppers - I mean, what's that all about then?

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