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The Steers

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The name Steer only makes a fleeting visit into my family history.  Charlotte Steer was one of my Great Grandmothers, she married my Great Grandfather Isaac Glew on 22 Sep 1860 in St Mary's Church, Sidlesham, West Sussex.  Her and Isaac had 2 false starts with infant deaths before Thomas came along in 1865 and 7 years later my Great Grandfather Allen was born on 10 Mar 1872.

Charlotte was a bit of an oddity for me when I first started researching the family.  Dad had always been aware of Granny Porter as a name within the family, even though she had died 10 years before he was born.  But then I started asking who she was and why wasn't she called Granny Glew, and nobody could find an answer!   No big mystery really, Isaac had died when he was 42 (apparently kicked by a horse, but yet to confirm that one) and his widow remarried to George Porter, voila! Granny Porter!  Amazing what a quick look at the parish registers can do.

Charlotte's parents, Jesse and Hannah, nee Bennett, were born around 1797 and 1793 respectively and were married on 20 Oct 1823 at St Leodegar's Church, Hunston, West Sussex.  I've found no children born to Jesse and Hannah in Hunston but between 1826 and 1837 they baptized 5 children at St Mary's Church, Sidlesham.  At the time of Charlotte's baptism in 1831 Jesse was recorded as being a labourer living on the Keynor estate.  Jesse was buried on 18 Dec 1869 in Sidlesham with Hannah surviving him some 4 years with her burial being entered into the parish register for Sidlesham on 14 Jun 1874.



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