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The Beginning:

Looking back on it Family History for me probably started innocently enough when as a young lad I always seemed to be interested in listening to my aunts and uncles talking about the times when they were younger, their escapades, their parents.  As the years progressed and I became older I lost interest completely until eventually I came to the age that probably all budding Family Historians begin, those dreaded days of late 30-something.  Perhaps it's the impending approach of the big four-oh that does it, perhaps it's a primordial drive that affects every tenth person on the planet (because it certainly doesn't affect everyone!).  Who knows what causes those first stirrings, those first desires to pour over ancient dusty, dare I say it... boring! documents.   To sit for hour after hour in those hushed, dull record offices squinting over the microfiche reader that can't quite be focused despite fiddle-fiddle-fiddling with the knob.  However, those of you that can identify with me will know that moment of euphoria when a small piece of the jig-saw drops into place...  All you want to do is cry out.  Mentally you jump up and shout YES!  But in reality you just sit there with no discernible exterior change.  But inside it's very different.   That makes it all worthwhile.

Anyway, enough of all that let's start to delve into the history of my family.  There's a fair smattering here of all the surnames on both sides of my family.  The Glew/ues, Jenners, Holfords, Funnells, Hardings, Dashes, Piggets, Steers and Earwickers are on my father's side of the family with the Hurts, Bonds, Iletts and Pattersons on mother's side.  Each link takes you to a page dedicated to that surname with some pages having further subdivision if their many branches are too difficult to manage on one page (eg the West Sussex Glew/ues).  Each page has a potted history of that name, some more than others, and most have a link to a  Microsoft Power Point family tree diagram to download.  These diagrams are self-extracting zip files which can be downloaded to your PC by double-clicking on them and specifying a folder to download them to.  Once on your PC simply double-click on the downloaded file and it will 'self-extract' itself into a Power Point file.  If by chance you are unable to display the family trees then please e-mail me and we can sort something out through snail-mail.

So, please explore my family history (which hopefully is also your family history) and update me with any information that might be missing or incorrect.   Nothing you'll find here is written in stone, if you think I have something wrong then please tell me and we can compare our sources and get the story straightened out.

Note that the information on my web site stops at my Grandparents generation.  I have details bang up-to-date on many areas of the family but have consciously not included it here for fear of intrusion.  Please e-mail me for anything more recent.


Although the navigation bar on the right will stay with you as you jump from page to page I'll list below the main surnames on both sides of my family with a short note as to where they fit in:

Glew / Glue:
The name effectively starts in West Sussex 1755 with the marriage of Thomas Glue and Mary Trump in Harting.  The 2 names (GLEW and GLUE) were very interchangeable until the latter part of the 19th century when more of the family began to learn their letters!

My paternal grandmothers family came from Lewes, East Sussex.  Jenner is quite a prolific name in East Sussex and this is an area I need to do a lot more work on.

My paternal grandmother's mother.  My Holfords also come from East Sussex and thanks to a Mr EG Holford who did much research into the name in the early 1960's I have wealth of information on the name.

My paternal grandmother's mother's mother.  My Funnells also come from East Sussex.  Thanks this time go to Wendy Russell, she runs the FUNNELL one name study group and is, obviously, a mine of information.

Harding, Dash & Pigget (Pigott or Peggett):
My great grandfather Glew's wife's family.  All those I've found come from the Manhood Peninsula, which is basically the area below Chichester, West Sussex that sticks out into the sea with Selsey Bill at the tip!

My 2 x great grandfather Glew's wife.  Mine come from Sidlesham, West Sussex and I don't know much about them.

My 3 x great grandfather Glew's wife.  Lots of Earwickers in the Sidlesham area of West Sussex.  I had them back to the late 1700's before contacting Maureen Earwicker who lives in Selsey.  Now I'm back a further 100 years to a marriage between John Earwiger and Mary Taylor in 1677.

My mother's maiden name.  The first surname on Mum's side of the family.   The Hurt's are a bit of a mystery.  Their origins beyond the mid-1800's is unknown but they may have been Hampshire based prior to that.

My maternal grandmother.  My Bonds originate in the Bedford area in the very early 1800's, move up to Alford, Lincs where Great Grandfather was born in 1872 and finally to the Brentford area of West London.

My maternal grandmother's mother.  The Ilett's have proved to be quite interesting.  The earliest I have them is a 1767 marriage recorded in the parish register for Kingstone, Somerset between George Ilett and Honour Rook.  George and Honour are my 5 x Great Grandparents.  The Iletts at that time were yeomen farmers in Somerset but George's grandson was to move to Jersey where there are still many of his descendents. 

My maternal grandmother's mother's 'half' family!  An interesting family, Keith Patterson has shared a lot of information with me on his family to which I am 'half' related through my 2 x Great Grandmother Elizabeth Jane Ilett.


Links to other sites:

Sussex Family History Group

Thanks go to following for research shared:

Glews and Glues    Bill Glue (Chichester)
                                 Sandra & Andrea Glew (Australia)
Earwickers              Maureen Luxton
Funnells                  Wendy Russell
Holfords                  EG Holford
Iletts                        Weldon Smith
Pattersons               Keith Patterson

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