2. Sunday 12 Aug 01

    The Earwicker Family Tree now exists and there is some accompanying text and links to other Earwicker sources of information.



  1. Wed 3 Jan 01

    A very slightly corrected Family Tree for my dear old Aunt Audrey's family - I say very slightly corrected as there was only a very slight error to correct (thanks for spotting it though Ad!)



    Sun 2 Jul 00

    An updated Holford diagram.



  4. Mon 5 Jun 00

    Loads.  Lots of Thumbnail graphics to the GLEW and HURT pages also several changes to the text (having re-read it and spotted some of the errors - there's bound to be more somewhere!).

    A slightly tweaked Bond family tree with the correct order for Fred Bond's children.







  2. Tues, 25 Apr 00

  3. This 'What's New Today' page!

  4. An updated diagram of the BONDs.
  5. A new family tree diagram of my Great Grandparents - Florence Ilett (universally known as Nan Bond) & Charles Richard Bond (Flo & Chas).